What you can expect!

  • More than 35 years experience in the international business
  • Long-standing experience in the most different markets
  • Detailed knowledge of the German industry
  • Extensive knowledge of the commercial preparation
  • A network in the suitable countries as well as in Germany

Our approach!

  • We accompany our partners with the preparation and expansion of international business relations
  • All this takes effect as described above
  • We come to an agreement with our partners how the market entry can be arranged successfully

It can be possible

  • through an official office on site
  • through a local subsidiary of your own
  • through a cooperation with a local partner


We are present, if

  • negotiations with customers take place
  • offers are arranged
  • contracts have to be worked out
  • orders are in process

For the success of international business relations the knowledge of cultural and political aspects and mechanisms stands beside the attraction of the respective product.
In the course of our long-standing international work we have won not only grounding about your aim country but also we have established networks with serious contacts in the official context and also with the enterprises which are looking perhaps exactly for your products.

Apart from your commercial concern our attention is directed towards the following aspects, amongst other things:

  • national and regional specific features, contacts, habits etc.
  • organisation and logistics
  • legal and cultural basic conditions
  • contacts with experienced experts, counsellors and investors
  • inclusion of relevant organisations such as Chambers of Industry + Commerce, professional trade associations, local authorities etc.

International business preparation means even more for us. We bring people and enterprises together!